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IRAF users doing photometry might find the following documents useful. They are all available in our anonymous FTP archive on ( in the iraf/docs directory.

Photometry Using IRAF, Lisa A. Wells, February 1994.

A User's Guide to CCD Reductions with IRAF, Philip Massey, February 1997.

A User's Guide to Stellar CCD Photometry with IRAF, Philip Massey and Lindsey Davis, April 1992.

Specifications for the Aperture Photometry Package, Lindsey Davis, revised October 1987.

A User's Guide to the IRAF Apphot Package, Lindsey Davis, revised May 1989.

A Reference Guide to the IRAF/DAOPHOT Package, Lindsey E. Davis, January 1994

See the online help for photcal.pcintro and photcal.config describing the PHOTCAT package.

A Beginner's Guide to Using IRAF (IRAF Version 2.10), Jeannette Barnes, August 1993.

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