IRAF Mac OS X and LinuxPPC Port Status

We are happy to report that with the upcoming V2.12 release we plan to support Mac OS X as part of PC-IRAF. LinuxPPC (or possibly Yellow Dog Linux , however it's not clear yet whether one set of binaries will work for both systems or what the long-term future of LinuxPPC is) will likely also be available for older hardware in the same release.

An X11IRAF V1.3 (XGterm/XImtool) release will be coincident with V2.12 and will also be available for these platforms. XImtool is unfortunately still an 8-bit server and we are not yet aware of all the support issues with e.g. setting up rootless windows under OS X, defining an 8-bit visual, or the usual DS9 or VNC workarounds. Users with suggestions or questions should contact IRAF site support.

NOTE:At this time there are no plans to make a special beta version of these new ports available prior to the final release. The preliminary ports work well enough that we can expect to fully support them for the V2.12 release but building and supporting a beta will only slow down the final release preparations; we appreciate your patience and are aware of the user interest in these systems.