Fedora/Mandrake Patched XGterm Available

Fedora/Mandrake Patched XGterm Available

Updated: 4Aug2004

Recent distributions such as Fedora Core 2 and Mandrake 10 come with a default Linux 2.6 kernel which is no longer configured with "legacy pty" support enabled. This causes a "no available ptys" from XGterm when run on these systems.

Until now the only solution was to rebuild the kernel to enable the old pty behavior by turning on the CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS and CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS flags in the kernel configuration file, or from the 'Character Devices' menu of the linux kernel configuration GUI. This workaround will still work, however a patched binary for these systems is also now available from:

To Install: Simply replace/rename your current XGterm binary with the patched version and put in a globally accessible directory (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

These changes will become part of an upcoming X11IRAF V1.4 release. Please report any problems or questions to iraf@noao.edu

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Last updated: 4Aug2004