Re: DP Pipeline mtg, 2003.07.14

From: Michelle Miller (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 17:15:00 MST

Hi Frank,

I decided to just take a stab at some things. Seems easy enough to back
out my changes if we decide not to follow that route.

So, I don't know anything about hypermail. Is that how the mail threads
are organized on the project web pages? I'll look up hypermail on the web
and look into it this weekend.

I have collected a number of issues on the topic of project
documentation/written communication. Once I have something more solid, I
will send it out.

Thanks for your suggestions.

ALSO, if you need any help preparing for next week's classes, please do
not hesitate to ask. I can make copies or run things around or help with
graphics. Whatever.


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