Test Your IRAF Knowledge

The Tips-N-Tricks page has proven to be very popular and useful. But we've also gotten comments that people knew most of the tricks already, so here is your chance to see how much you really know about IRAF.

The answers to the quiz below can all be found in either our FAQ, the ADASS newsgroup articles archive (which can be searched from our web pages), the IRAF system sources in some cases or from knowledge gleaned from experience or messages exchanged with site support about common problems. This first quiz is geared towards site managers and IRAF programmers, but regular users should get something out of it as well.

It's a tough quiz and we don't expect you to know all of the answers, but like the Tips page we hope you learn something. The quiz scoring is done mechanically and confidentially, all you will see is a your score plus an anonymous table of other scores for this quiz. Once you submit your quiz an explanation of each answer will be given.

Update (07/12/98)

Thanks to all who've taken the quiz so far, but our web logs indicate many more people are looking at the questions than are seeing the answers by submitting a response. Since this is supposed to be fun but also educational, we are providing the answer key for those who don't want to participate. However, before taking the easy way out please consider submitting your answers, we'd hate to think all the work that went into the CGI script was being wasted.

(100 Points Possible)


(2 points each)

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